How are animals treated in South Africa? What do you think of animal activists and animal right protection? 🔥Animals are treated nicely by some people and fucked up by other people all over the world, but it is a waste of time judging. If you treat people and all living things nicely, then you will be treated nicely in life. And if you treat people and living things fucked up, then you will get fucked up in life. It’s simple. Being reincarnated as a human is actually fuckin insane! It’s like reaching the final level of a video game that takes thousands, maybe millions of lifetimes to reach. All human are blessed with the opportunity to ‘awaken’ and transform into their Super-Self. A ‘woke’ person receives a Super Saiyan Power Up which unlocks all their hidden superhuman abilities including the power to manifest fantasy into reality, the power to alter your own destiny, and even the power to alter the destiny of the planet. Part of this superhuman transformation includes being or becomming a vegetarian and then eventually a vegan (which is the Highest Level). The only problem is sometimes accessing this final level can be glitchy and you turn into one of those irritating judgy vegans by accident! Judgy vegans give me a real dull feeling in my balls because they give ‘being woke’ a really shitty vibe. This is because they are only semi-woke, which is like having a semi-erect penis. Eating meat is fucked up on so many levels but you just wanna punch a judgy vegan in the face. With this said, i love eating vegan food, its super healthy, makes me feel really nice is definitely The Way.@vegetarian_ru📷Paul Gilpin

What is your favourite food? Could you share some easy-to-make South African veg recipe, please? 🔥Our favorite treat is when 16 makes us Hawaiian Veggie Burgers .-Fresh soft buns- Fire grilled Vegetarian Burger patties (IMPOSSIBLE BURGERS are the BEST)-Fire grilled pineapple rings-Fresh lettuce-Vegan mayo-Caramelized onions-A dash of salt-Vegan Cheese-With a glass of ‘Ace Of Spades’ champagne on the side (which tastes like an angel peed in your mouth😜) @vegetarian_ru📷: Paul Gilpin

🌸Treehugger🌸 is a typical perception of a vegetarian. You definitely do not fall under such category. What does vegetarianism/veganism (and being a vegetarian/vegan) mean to you? Why did you decide to turn vegetarian/vegan? 🔥¥o-landi:I became a vegetarian when I was 13 years because I did not want to harm animals. Now I am vegan.Ninja:I stopped eating red meat when I was 17 because of Kung Fu, because I wanted to get more energy. Then a year later, when I turned 18, I became a vegetarian because it improves your luck. If you punch someone in the face for no reason, weird shit is probably gonna go down afterwards. If you kill someone (or something) or you pay for them (it) to get killed, there’s gonna be karmic repercussion. If you don’t believe in rain, you still gonna get wet if you walk outside into the storm, so if you don’t believe in karma, you will probably relate to ostriches who put their heads into a hole in the ground when they see danger approaching. Fucking karma, that merciless bitch with zero feelings (just like you😉hehe… F🤬CK YOU NINJA😂) I’m trying a fully vegan diet at the moment, which gives you access to the highest levels of Manifestation Magick🔥 🔥Our daughter, 16 Jones, is now 13 years old and has been a vegetarian since birth. We’ve always told her that she can eat meat if she wants, and she always just looks at us like we fuckin crazy🔥@vegetarian_ru📷: Paul Gilpin

What would you like the future world to be like? What would you like to pass on to the next generations? 🔥Become whatever you wish to be in life. If you feel like a superhuman power-up, become vegetarian or vegan, do yoga and meditate. Create your own reality. Conceive it, and if you believe it, you will achieve it. We have been practising Manifistation Magick for many years and we have mastered it🔥@vegetarian_ru📷: Paul Gilpin

Die Antwoord’s music and lyrics seem rather aggressive. Why do you choose such way of communicating your message? And how does your lifestyle affect your art and image? 🔥We are from South Africa. South Africa is aggressive. Our music reflects the world around us🔥@vegetarian_ru📷: Paul Gilpin

It often happens that something alternative and underground becomes mainstream. What would you do if ZEF (and Die Antwoord’s) culture becomes pop-culture? 🔥Die Antwoord have always been a pop group in our minds. The strangest pop group in the history of the world🔥@vegetarian_ru📷: Paul Gilpin

What will your new album be like? What were you inspired by when recording it? 🔥We have been recording our 2️⃣7️⃣ album for the last two years or so, and we are now deep into the spell. We have been working on our 2️⃣7️⃣ feature film for the last 12 years. 2️⃣7️⃣ is a South African gangster film which is inspired by our wild and crazy South African lives. The mood of the 2️⃣7️⃣ film is exciting, dark, surreal, raw, hardcore, soft, beautiful, colorful, grimy, twisted, magnificent, dangerous, mysterious, romantic, wild, cute, unpredictable, profound, defiant, aggressive, demonic, angelic, narcotic, nostalgic, hyper-real, magical, totally fuckin mental and cool as fuck… all shot through with a fat dose of our usual zef humor. Our final album (the 2️⃣7️⃣ soundtrack) will explore these same emotional dimensions. The 2️⃣7️⃣ album is also going to feature cameos by our favourite South African artists: MOONCHILD, DRIEMANSKAP, SKOMBIZO, BOSROT, RICK LO, IMMIE VANNIE DELF, MR BUTTONS and more (#LIL2HOOD😝) We are so fuckin excited to be working on this shit with our little zef ghetto army!🔥 @vegetarian_ru📷: Paul Gilpin