Rihanna is an 1 hour late for her own show at pukkel pop -apparently she has “dressing problems”. We suppose to play after her set but will we even get to play ? i dunno… now we waitin & waitin .. for her to get dressed so she can go on stage an DEN we can go on stage.. BUT she doesnt know how to put her jacket on. she needs help. sum1 plz dress her, help her.. #sos#

nice shading on who evers leg dat is!! @inkedmag #tattoo #yolandi #potrait #danicetimekid #ak47 #rat

BANANA BRAIN vid coming soon ? !!! #zef #DA #mountninjie #danicetimekid

i always wanted 2 join da circus since i was lil.. #DA #EU #TOUR #ntk #zef #2016

Hi my name is YO-LANDI VI$$ER aka DA NICE TIME KID. I was born & raised in South Africa. Evrythin in South Africa belongs to me. Im Afrikaans but i grew up in a community of whites, blacks, coloreds & allsorts of languages an people mixed up. All dese things influenced me as i grew up. i make songs about whats around me. An south africa will always be in da core of my heart. There is so many different fresh styles, sounds,slang & flava in SOuth Africa that the world hasnt seen. Die Antwoord is only a small slice of da hole spectrum. But SA is also a very dangerous, dark place & as beautiful as it is, its a hardcore, wild , savage destructive place. I have been livin in LA for awhile now. But i go between LA & SA alot. While we were in LA we hooked up wif Dj Muggs from cypress hill, and me, ninja & hi-tek(God) made an album wif him. Dis album has our african roots in it. But we learned shit from being around americans. They are very clear & stylized & ontop of their shit. They own & run shit. Their culture is very confident an singular! (opposite of SA!) Which is so cool an influenced me to be even more bam. Also their beats are loud asf!! But songs arnt just external. Its all about whats arpund you yes but mainly about how you feel inside.During da time we were makin this album i was going through difficult relationship stuff & heart ache & dis album has alot of personal poetry in it. For me what makes anythin good like a movie or a song is if its personal becus then its pure. Its your emotions & your experience poured in2 it. an even though we all see da same tings we experince them diffrent. So if u can write about your own personal experiences an turn dem into songs or art they will be unique no matter what.Our new album “Mount Ninjie & Da nice time Kid” sounds 2 me like a super natural romantic dark apocolyptic futuristic adventure album. & it feels like a ZEF patchwork blanket of blood, tears, memories, secrets, love, heart ache, magick & dreams glued & stitched together with african roots & american slambam. #southafrica #rulz #myculture #DA #what #? #zef #afrikaans #xhosa #english #zulu #america #whatever #thencameyolandivi$$er #danicetimekid #😋