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OUR BANANA BRAIN DANCE CREW WAS SO FRESH!!! & SO RAW!! YES !! AFRICAN STYLE! the BB music video had to follow the lil story we were telling, so were only able to add a few wild little clips from the girls dance routine to the actual video, but as we saw them bust their routine on the night, we all agreed that we DIFINITELY have to cut a little BB bonus video that just features these darling little angel sweethearts busting their entire routine!!! we love our BANANA BRAIN dance crew sooooo much! They da illest❤️❤️❤️ U can watch da hole vid on youtube (🍌😋⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🍌

Ninjie & OomJames as “Me” 😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝#bananabrain

THE REASON WHY ¥O-LANDI DOESN’T DO INTERVIEWSWhat have you been doing during the last two years ?MAKING THE ‘MOUNT NINJI & DA NICE TIME KID ALBUM’Did Chappie change something in the perception of your own career/status ? And : in your relation with your fans ?CHAPPIE FANS WHO SAY HI TO US ARE KIND OF LIGHT AND CUTE AND WHATEVER. THEY JUST WANT A PHOTO WITH THOSE PEOPLE FROM THE ROBOT MOVIE. OUR DA MUSIC FANS ARE MORE PSYCHO, AND GET PENETRATED BY OUR ART ON A DEEPER LEVEL.WE MAKING OUR OWN MOVIE SOON THAT WILL PENETRATE AS HEAVILY AS OUR MUSIC DOES, BECAUSE WE WILL BE IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHINGWas it basically a good experience ?YES, IT WAS FUN AND EDUCATIONALAre you up to go back to cinema in a near future ?YES, BUT ONLY WITH MATERIAL WE WRITE AND DIRECT What about Suicide Squad ?… Do you really think David Ayer has been “jockin your style ?” If it’s the case, why do you think he didn’t mention you ?COS HE’S A LITTLE BITCH. IF YOU CAN’T SEE HOW OUR ART WAS BITTEN IN THAT MOVIE, THEN I’M NOT SURE IF THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU What’s new on Mount Ninji And da Nice Time Kid ? Did you musically do some stuff that you had never done before ?EVERY TIME WE MAKE A SONG WE DO SOMETHING THAT WE’VE NEVER DONE BEFOREStill working with DJ Muggs since you announced it last year ? What did he change in the band ? And in the way you work ? JESUS. THESE ARE ONE OF THESE FUCK BOY INTERVIEWS WHERE THE JOURNALIST KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING.AND THE REASON WHY ¥O-LANDI DOESN’T DO INTERVIEWSWhy these tracks with Dita Von Teese and Jack Black ? And how did you convince them ?IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT DIE ANTWOORD YOU WOULD HAVE MAYBE SEEN DITA AND JACK BLACK OUR UGLY BOY VIDEO WE MADE 2 YEARS AGO. AND ALL THE PHOTOS AND VIDEO CLIPS WE MADE WITH THEM AFTERAND THEN YOU WOULDN’T ASK SUCH STUPID FUCKIN QUESTIONS What do you have in common with them ? You’re all crazy people maybe ? MAYBE YOU’RE A FUCKING RETARDYou still look crazy indeed, as you ever did. Do you think some day you will calm down ? Be aesthetically less radicalYES RIGHT AFTER I KICK YOU IN THE FUCKIN HEAD I’LL FEEL MUCH BETTER make-up by @anthonyhnguyenmakeup hair by ninji and @xeroxme

NEW musicvid: BANANA BRAIN ?(link in bio)

16 sept #mountninjieanddanicetimekid