U spend ur hole life tryna figuere out ur life.. ?? #ntk #fukstarbux

U can watch US 2nite on Jimmy Kimmel Show ??? #NTK

HAPPY ALBUM release day 2 me..& Happy mfkn Friday 2 U Now Lets play 😋🔫 #mountninjieanddanicetimekid

FFFF #mountninjieanddanicetimekid

Haaahaa dis cute little note from Ninji❤️:Yo we did this dope shoot with FLAUNT magazine in LA recently, thats dropping tomorrow. The shoot itself was fun and flava, and they also shot a cute little video clip of us getting faded after the photoshoot which ended up looking cool as fuck… but then jesus fucking christ… nothing can take away the dull feeling in my balls i got after reading the interview the boring old fart of a journalist wrote about us… this is straight up the reason why we hardly ever do interviews… but luckily no-one reads anymore, especially fashion books?? but fuck at least da pictures are cool #fuckthatboringoldguy pic by@zoeygrossman