Gucci Grrrl #16Jones #12yearsold

bam✊🏾 #FightThePower 💥🇿🇼💥

exoskelton implant. stage 1. “gentlemen we can rebuild him. we have the technology. we will make him better, stronger, faster” #nofilts

“dad u need 2 take these pain killers” 💊💊💊 “k cool but 1st… lemme take a selfie” 📱✨

omg my freestyle was so wack // give me like 24 hours and ill be back😂

2 tix above comatose at. least i fukn tried // all angels wid me at least i never did died // jesus muda fukn christ bra im feelin trippy // at 645 16 cum and git me❤️ @boojie_baby_

hospital fashion so hot rite now 😝#finallygettingthatpenisreductionsurgery 🔪🍌😂

1st make sum music… den make sum pizzaz🍕🍕🍕 #LegendOfZef #Sketchy