fuck i just remembered when i saw the paint on my hand in the one pic from this foto series my homie jacqui just sent me….these are shots from a live show Die Antwoord did in 2009 ft Leon Botha, Jack Parow and Fokofpolisiekar🖤 I remember i woke up at 6am that morning and painted a giant film studio in joburg on my own that we hustled for free cos we was broke as fuck. I painted and painted and painted like my life depended on it, then at 10 at night i stopped painting, and raced through the night to a tiny little club in pretoria called tingz n times. hit the stage at 11pm to bust this wild fuckin gig with ¥ and some homies for a $500 fee to buy gas to get back home and food for our little skeleton film crew who we were shooting a music video with the next day. Drove home at about 2 in the morning after the show. Woke up at 6am the next morning again and went to the film studio i painted to shoot the ENTER THE NINJA video with Leon 🖤 R.I.P🖤 fotos by @jacqui_vs _world x … lol wastup 🥩 @steak101

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