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ZEF STUDIOZ LA… 1 half our African American operation 🇺🇸🔥🇿🇦ZEF STUDIOZ JOZI under construction… #SoMuchShitCooking #SouthAfricanNinjaSoundtrack #DaLegendOfZef #VisRotSlegIsReg #NinjaDominator #RandomFunShit

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My Little Land¥ Rat by @popovysisters 🖤 ps: when u sending our prezzzie✨ Отправь это! 😝

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a note 2 a close friend that some fucked up shit happened 2:salute my brother.i gave some thought to your messages and your request for my help on things.everything that happens to you occurs because of:-your actions leading up to the present-your mind state-and your electromagnetic frequency, in other words, your energy / vibration.if you want to:-stop things like these happening-adjust your karma-create protective energy around you-and amplify your attraction powers on this earth plane you can, but it will take some time and discipline and some severe mental be Master Of Reality instead of a victim of reality i practise 5 ancient techniques:1-i dont speak what is not true2-i dont take what is not offered3-i dont take drugs that break my creative trance4-i dont break hearts5-i dont harm or kill animals or people.the only time i would break rule 5 is if someone or something put one of my loved ones in danger. -lying-stealing-confusing yourself with drugs-using and confusing people -and hurting or killing any living thing gives you:-a very low electromagnetic frequency-weak attraction power-deep subconscious fear-and bad luck.i have been practising these 5 techniques since i was 16 years old, and i have now mastered them.maybe these words will shed some light on your situation.salute my brother❤️NINJA