“We r da Championz my friend, we’ll keep on fighting 2 da end” -Queen #CantStopWontStop #ThankYouForMyLifeMama❤️

LIL2HOOD in da hOWs #DontEvenWorryAboutIt #RR23 🌑SaluteMaSeKind

a close homie once told me “Everyone is cool when you first meet them”… We’ve met so many people since we been bouncing in and out of Africa during our little 7 year walk on da wild side… Africa is cool coz iz so raw, and what you see is generally what you get, like a beautiful sunset, or a wild animal, or a raw ghetto party, or a gun in your face… etc etc… That was our comfort zone… 🌍 Since we stepped out into the zone unknown, we’ve met some fkn amazing ppl, real soldiers, and incredible artists who rock hard like we do with no brakes on… butt fuck… also so many snakes, parasites, bitch ass poese, fake motherfukkaz with other agendas… who worm their way into a position close to you to be near the heat… you know who you are… i kinda feel sorry 4 u… lost, confused, desperate, empty… rather stay far far away from this flame cos if u dont… u gonna get fukn burnt🔥 Salute Pagamisa RR23🌑

Its eezy when evrything is going well an ur lil ass is pamperd. oh then its so eezy to smile & have fun, but assoon as things get a lil harder an u have to push thru, & fight, U start to see the ones who fold first was never a real soldier to begin with.. ..ja jo naaai jy kannie staanie – fokof hie uittie kamp uit, jys n vuil nommer.. #miggies #kokkorot #msp

fuk wid me 🔥#vi$rotspieggiemalste #passopjoudomnaaaai

Ho$h Pagamisa RR23 salute #RotGot #Vi$Rottie #PopRot #PoesRot